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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Beware ATT Digital Voice Overage Charges for Local Calls

This is more a note to myself about the mistake I made but also can serve as a warning to anyone considering switching to ATT uVerse and going with their Digital Voice ( VOIP) home phone service.

When I switched from regular att landline local phone service, I forget one important thing. I use dialup internet. Let me explain. I have 1 laptop computer that will not work with any wireless adapters. It previously did, but for whatever reason I can no longer get it to work with anything. I have tried it all- usb adapters, the ones that sit on a desk and have antennas, regular cards,etc. OK, that isn't that important. It's just important to know that I use dialup internet, even with high speed internet in my home. Am I weird? Maybe. The thing is I use this laptop at night when I am in my bedroom before I go to sleep. Often this can be a couple hours a day. Or around 3000 minutes a month.

This has never been an issue before because I have never paid EXTRA for local phone calls. The problem? When ATT was trying to "save" me money they asked if I used the home phone a lot and what features I used. I wasn't really thinking so I said I rarely used the phone ( I never use it to call anyone). So they saved me $10 a month by signing me up for Digital Voice 1000. As the name implied, this only includes 1000 total minutes of monthly calling. I used that in the first 4 days. Fortunately I caught my error and switched right away to the Unlimited calling plan. However, It took them over a week to make the change. I was left with a prorated month that was unlimited and 20 days of only 667 minutes allowed. As a result I am paying over $100 EXTRA for local phone calling last month.

With the unlimited Digital I am now paying almost exactly what I did before I switched. So I went from saving money with my bundle to basically paying the same or a little more. It is OK since my internet is much faster. However it is not quite the good deal that I first thought.

Most traditional local phone services as well as Broadband VOIP phone services include unlimited local calling. Some of the new plans rolling out DO NOT. Keep this in mind when you consider switching to save money.