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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Local Phone Service Quote Tool

We have added a new tool to the top of this page under the heading "Free Local Phone Provider Quotes." If you enter your address and zip code you can instantly see many quotes for home phone service available from providers in your local area.

The original tool had a required email field, but I have removed the email requirement so you can access the quotes without giving anyone your phone or email address. All you need is street address/zip code, and this will prevent anyone from collecting your email address and contacting you.

If you see a service you are interested in you can findout more information,but there is no obligation.

As an example, when I enter my address I get quotes from the following providers:
AT&T, Cavalier, Sage Telecom, and DPI. They all indicate a Best Price Guarantee and some offer Cash Back.

The lowest price in my area is a $19.99 Sage Telecom Plan. This plan offers unlimited local calling and 300 long distance minutes.

The most popular package is the AT&T Unlimited plan for $40. AT&T plans start at $21.00 per month. There is also an option for Bundles ( TV Phone and Internet on one plan). However, the tool says Bundles are not available online in my area at this time.

If you want to compare local phone quotes in your area, just enter your address in the tool near the top of the page.