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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Will the Verizon Hub Replace Traditional Home Phones?

Verizon may be making one of the first steps towards near total replacement of the traditional home phone, which many people have already abandoned in favor of using their cell phone for all their phone needs. Verizon is set to up the technology in the home phone area, by teaming up with Britain's Vodaphone Group, to produce the "Hub." The Hub will basically be a cordless phone that will serve as a traditional home phone, but can interact with Verizon cell phones. It will connect via the customer's existing broadband connection, similar to VOIP. The base features a 7 inch touch screen that displays information such as weather forecasts and movie show times. And there is also Chaperone, a 10 dollar a month service that allows parents to keep track of their kids. The Hub also features text and picture messaging, but the one drawback is that this feature only works with other Verizon phones. So while it looks like home phones are on the way out and will soon be pretty useless, Verizon is bringing a new option that may make having a home phone a good idea again, especially for parents who would like to keep track of where there kids are. The Hub costs 200 dollars after rebate, and 35 dollars a month for unlimited calling. In the long run, the Hub may not be overly appealing to the majority of customers, being it offers just about the same thing as cell phones do now, but may be an option for people who prefer to keep a home phone along with their cellular service, or those who like the bigger touch screen for a better view when using the various Verizon applications.