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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Using Your Cell Phone as Your Home Phone

While we write about the best deals in home phone services, including traditional landline phones, we are aware that many households only use cell phones. The percentage of households with no landline and "cell phone only" home phone service continues to increas. According to this article at CBS News, the number of houses with no landline has doubled since 2007. Around a quarter of households use cell phones but do not have a regular home phone. I am sure the number is much higher among younger users. I even know a lot of older people who have ditched the home phone completely for a cell phone or switched to a cheap voip phone service. I know at least one person who uses a prepaid cell phone and a very limited home broadband connection.

While it may make sense for some to drop their home phone service, there is good news. There are still many good deals for home phone service, traditional and voip. If you want to see what all your options are, I recommend running a quote through our local phone service tool at the top of the page.

If you are interested in switching to cell phones or expanding your current wireless service, our recommended vendor is below.

As for me personally, I AM in the process of switching my landline over. I am going with the Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connector. We wrote before about something called the Verizon Hub. This is not the same thing. The Hub was used over a broadband internet connection and seemed a little redundant for the price. If my Home Connector works correctly, I will be able to plug my cordless home phone into a wireless device and connect over the Verizon Wireless network. I am only paying $9.99/mo to keep my home phone number in service, as I am adding it to my Verizon Family Plan. I am still keeping my AT&T Uverse service, for tv and internet. The phone just wasn't a very good deal. I was paying $25/mo for limited minutes and they raised the price. I think their high speed internet is a very good deal and their tv plans are decent, but it just didn't make sense to keep my phone with them.

I added my Home Phone Connector directly through Verizon, but when I got my regular cell phones this is where I found the best deals: