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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lingo Home Phone Service Offers the Lowest Prices in My Area

It's been a while since I've checked on prices on home phone service in my area, and I've avoided having a home phone since my bad experience with Charter.  But recently with cell phone bills rising and cellular companies requiring customers to have date plans etc., I've thought about getting a home phone again. 

I used our local provider quote tool (located above) to see what was being offered in my area.  Of course Charter, AT&T, and a few others had some different packages to look at, but another company grabbed my attention since it was the lowest price offer I saw.  For only $9.95 a month, Lingo offers home phone service with 250 minutes.  For me, this is exactly what I had in mind as far as minutes go because I don't actually talk on the phone very much.  For anyone that may need more minutes, they do have other offers with more minutes at decent prices.  They even offer America and World unlimited packages.

As far as how it works, Lingo is a VOIP service which means it uses your Internet connection for calls, but the set up looks pretty easy with just a couple of things to plug in.  For the $9.95 250 minute plan, there is a $14.95 initial charge then it goes to the $9.95 which seems reasonable. 

I plan on giving Lingo a shot, but I'm not sure how good the service quality is yet.  If anyone has or has used Lingo, we welcome any opinions on their service.  If you want to check the home phone service offerings in your area, simply enter your address in the phone provider quote tool above.