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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Welcome to

Welcome to my new blog. I was inspired to make this site, basically because I'm stuck with Charter phone service (sadly cable, and Internet service also,) and wow, I never even knew a service could be so bad. So I figured, there needs to be a place people can come scope these services out before getting stuck in a contract with them. When I first moved into this house a year and a half ago, Charter was the only cable service in town, so by default, they got my business. Not long after, it was evident we were in for some bad service. Namely the phone service is just as reliable as the Internet service, which means ANY time it rains, occasionally when its windy, or even SOMEtimes for no reason at all, we either get a horrible reception, or get no service at ALL, and miss calls for days without even knowing the service was out. Calling their customer service is a nightmare, as you usually are calling a foreign country, and we all know how that is. And if you do get someone to come out and help, they'll usually say the guy that installed something before, did it all wrong, but in the end you'll STILL have problems. So basically I'm going to ask around and hear from some readers here, and take a look at what's out there for phone service, and hopefully get a good idea of who the top companies are, and spread the word about the best deals, so no one gets stuck with Charter or any company that operates similarly!

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  1. I had Charter at one time, it is there customer
    service that needs to be over hauled. Talk about a nightmare, I ended up writing the CEO, of course he or one of his staff did a "little" something, but not much. I now have AT&T they are somewhat better, but their billing department is all out of whack, their customer service is really great, they were trained correctly. But all in all they all stink. They suck you in and when they have you, well we all know you are just one and if you leave they suck in two. I do have to say as far as the phone service w/AT&T I haven't had a problem. Lets all hope some day some company will come along and provide the whole package of good service.