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Friday, April 18, 2008

AT&T Home Phone Service Review

So after my initial rant about my Charter service, I've ventured out and questioned a few friends of mine on what they think about their service. I've gotten a few who answer with "I have no need for home phone service." Which is due to the current cell phone rage replacing some peoples need for a home phone. One of my friends that does have a home phone, got AT&T service a few months ago, when they were lucky enough to switch their cable, Internet, and phone from Charter service.

I have AT&T cell phones, but hadn't heard of AT&T U-Verse until my friend informed me that they were having it installed. I looked up some numbers, and it seems AT&T only charges about 28 bucks a month for their basic phone service, and my friend said the service is top notch compared to the Charter nightmare. The service hasn't been out, and he hasn't experience any interference when talking. I'm sure some of you may have more advanced needs than just the basic service, and if you have an experience with AT&T's more advanced phone features, please feel free to share them here, but from what I can tell, their service is good, and if you have a choice at all in your area, choose AT&T phone service before even considering Charter!


  1. AT&T is a scam. If you pay attention closely to your bill you will notice little charges here and there and when you add them up it's alot. Mine came out to an extra $21 a month before taxes. I called to get those things removed and they wanna charge me to remove them and then taking them off comes out to a different amount than what it shows on my bill. Wouldn't you think if I am paying $21 a month for these things that taking them off would take $21 a month off my bill but it turned out to only take off $3 a month. So either way they are still getting the money out of you. And it's not even features, it's the service wire plans, that we don't need because we rent, so wires aren't our responsibility. It's not our house to make changes to. We ordered a private blocked unlisted number and they only gave us unlisted. I called to let them know and instead of adding the features we ordered from the beginning the person added it as a new order, so we got charged a fee for adding it later. I called to remind them we ordered it the day we ordered service and we shouldn't be charged for their mistake and they tell me they can't do anything about it. The woman I spoke with told me that when you order service with them you have to know what you want and ask for it and everything you expect it to come with, that its not their job to explain to you their features in whole. It sucks they can get away with all these charges. It sucks more for us because there are no other companies that service our area at this time. :(

  2. At & T is the WORST!!! I am on the phone right now with their competition as I post.. I have been without home phone service for 7 days and every day I call they keep telling me a different story basically blowing smoke up my behind.. even when you speak to what they call and EXPEDITION person all they can do is tell you we have no idea when your service can be restored...isn't that something..I have had this company for at least 22 yrs and im fed up with their crap!! pass this on...good bye at &t

  3. When you say that AT&T is a scam that is putting it mildly in friendly words, truth is it stinks. AT&T has to be the worst telephone service I have ever had the displeasure to have in my home.
    I bought off on all the lies they told over the phone about how great their phone and internet service was and went from one service to theirs and boy was that a mistake big time. I have not had anything but trouble from their service since I have had it. I started with them in Feb 2010 and it has been one thing after another and then they have the nerve to say that their records do not show any entries of me having any problems. That is a good indication of how good their record keeping is.
    Then with the internet, there has not been a month that goes by that I don’t have a problem with it at least once a month and most times two to three times a month.
    There service stinks, when the phone goes out it might be a week or longer before someone is sent to check it and when you have a home security system you have to go all that time with it not working. All they want is your money and then they provide service when it’s convenient for them.
    I will get away from AT&T as soon as I can and will never use them again. If you want a good telephone and internet service DO NOT USE AT&T.


  5. Do not get ATT&T!!! I understand when you sign up for a service your monthly bill will have SOME hidden fees and taxes but ATT&T is just ridiculous my monthly bill which is supposed to be $20 a month is usually around sixty that's about three times the amount that it should be and I don't use long distance I rarely even use my house phone. I am going to start looking at other phone companies.

  6. Our home phone is only for local calls and emergencies, since we care for my disabled mother-in-law, so it's not a big deal. Between the months of August and mid-October, however, we could neither receive nor make calls. I called the customer service number at least once in August, and the phone prompts sent me through a loop that never went to a human. Being very, very busy with work and school (Master's), the next time I could call was in September, I had the same issue. That time I really kept trying to reach someone to no avail. Finally, I was able to reach someone, a human, on October 13th. Of course, I was passed around, even then to about four different people, but the last Rep was very helpful. He sent someone out (Repair Rep), who checked our line and the equipment AT&T gave us. He found that the error was with the equipment. So, I immediately bought my own phone, replaced it, called the Rep I had spoken with, and everything was now working. He stated that there should be a credit on my account, but if I didn't see it to call back. Well, I just called today, and guess what? There are no notes on my account of any of the conversations that I had, except when the helpful Rep offered me a better plan with AT&T U-verse phone. WOW!!! Realy? Now, this matter was being sent to corporate for investigation, which is fine with me. But I have a problem, big problem with the four people I had conversations with not recording ANYTHING about my situation.

  7. worst customer service ever

  8. I've lived in thirteen different states and four countries and deal with a number of phone companies. Believe me when I say that AT&T is the worst! There is nothing good for me to say about AT&T Corp. in general or specifically with their telephone service or Internet service. We've been a customer this time since July 2011 and from the outset it has been a nightmare. Worse yet, when you call no one can help you. Customer Service Reps are limited in their ability and their authority and supervisors are never available. They tell you a supervisor will get back to you but they never do. When they give you a phone number to call for assistance, mysteriously the phone number doesn't work. Online service is no better. We know as we’ve tried both.
    Our problems with AT&T are ongoing. We live in Mississippi and whenever it rains, there is an awful buzzing on our telephone line in on both incoming and outgoing calls that gets so loud we can't hear anything but the buzzing. Though, we have reported over at least a half a dozen times, and repairmen come out to look at it, and know what the problem is, it has yet to be repaired.
    Our newest problem is with billing. This past summer we called Customer Service to see why our monthly bill for phone and Internet keeps going up. We were given a new and reduced monthly package rate for both phone and internet to take effect October 2013 and run for twelve months. Funny though how each month we receive a bill that doesn't reflect the new rate. Every month we have to call AT&T to get our bill reduced and no one can tell us why the new rate didn't take effect. We are subject to long hold times and have yet to get this resolved. Each time we called we hoped it was the last call, but it wasn’t. Our last bill of January 2014 still didn't reflect the new rate. In an act of desperation, we filed complaints with the State Utility Commission, the FCC, the TX AT&T Corp. Office and our federal government reps. Today, a contact in the Escalation Depart called us. Imagine, in order to get attention to our ongoing complaints we had to file a formal complaint. Nice, huh?
    A word of advice: if you can go with another phone and internet provider other than with AT&T, go with the other option. We used AT&T for years in CA and Co for long distance service without issue. However, as a local telephone and internet provider, they have a lot to learn about providing proper service and customer service. Our internet goes in and out and is not as fast and reliable as the service we had for four years with Qwest in MN. We once had Yahoo before AT&T acquired them and they were so much better.