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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Review of AT&T Home Phone Service

We received another opinion in our comments section to add to our list of AT&T home phone reviews, and felt it was extensive enough to post so everyone can read and decide for themselves.  This anonymous poster is not happy with AT&T's hidden fees, and not being able to get problems fixed with customer service without a big runaround. Here is what the person had to say:

"AT&T is a scam. If you pay attention closely to your bill you will notice little charges here and there and when you add them up it's alot. Mine came out to an extra $21 a month before taxes. I called to get those things removed and they wanna charge me to remove them and then taking them off comes out to a different amount than what it shows on my bill. Wouldn't you think if I am paying $21 a month for these things that taking them off would take $21 a month off my bill but it turned out to only take off $3 a month. So either way they are still getting the money out of you. And it's not even features, it's the service wire plans, that we don't need because we rent, so wires aren't our responsibility. It's not our house to make changes to. We ordered a private blocked unlisted number and they only gave us unlisted. I called to let them know and instead of adding the features we ordered from the beginning the person added it as a new order, so we got charged a fee for adding it later. I called to remind them we ordered it the day we ordered service and we shouldn't be charged for their mistake and they tell me they can't do anything about it. The woman I spoke with told me that when you order service with them you have to know what you want and ask for it and everything you expect it to come with, that its not their job to explain to you their features in whole. It sucks they can get away with all these charges. It sucks more for us because there are no other companies that service our area at this time. :( "

A pretty negative review for AT&T service.  This is actually the second negative review on ATT home phone service we've featured.  We're still hoping to hear from any of you that may have a positive ATT experience.  If you have ATT home phone service, we would like to hear your opinions on the service in the comments below.