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Friday, January 22, 2010

Cheap Home Phone Service

Being I was finally able to cancel the horrible Charter Service, I was able to use our free tool here on this site to shop for cheap home phone service, and wanted to report my results here for anyone that is curious on the shopping process.  I entered my information in the boxes above, and right away I got offers from both regular AT&T and U-verse, along with Verizon, and unfortunately Charter.  Well Charter was out right away for obvious reasons, so it was going to be some form of AT&T or Verizon.  We've featured a pretty wide variety of AT&T U-verse reviews, ranging from great to rip off, but I have some friends who have U-verse and I've checked it out before, and I liked what I saw and heard about the service.  I also have high opinions on Verizon service, and use them as my cellular provider.  On the price side of things, Verizon was a bit higher, but I was OK with that fact being I know that their service has been great the past few years.  The one drawback for me was that Verizon Fios TV isn't offered in my area, therefore I couldn't package my Internet/Cable/Home Phone through Verizon, but thankfully U-verse did offer all three services, and on top of that offered a $200 reward card back with their offer.  So AT&T U-verse gets my service, with a great price on bundled service, and $200 back on top of that.  So I can now tell you all first hand, that our free local provider quote tool is the best way to shop for home phone service and even bundling it with other services you may need.